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Focus on yourself

The daily pressures of work, career, life and relationships sometimes start to automatically take priority. Sometimes we get so absorbed by the world around us that we forget to make ourselves a priority. Happiness, positivity and confidence will only create a better version of you.

Focus on your goals

Choosing a goal and staying focused on it is hard or is it really? The best way to achieve this is to set the goal and work backwards! Set the goal, set milestones and get started. Its way easier to hit the smaller milestone targets and stay focused than to try and grab the end goal from the start!

Focus on your growth

While Bicep, Chest and Booty growth is important, personal growth is the key. With too many vices and distractions all around us it is easy to neglect the bigger picture – YOU! Push your boundaries, learn something new, test yourself and most importantly have fun doing it.


What will drive you, what will give you passion, what will give you that motivation to jump out of bed in the morning or do that late-night training session?

Maybe at the start it could be accountability, get a training partner or personal trainer. After that it may be seeing results that keeps you going, that smaller waistline or muscle definition. 。

Maintaining drive is an upward spiral that you can only benefit from.


We all need challenges, we need to learn, we need to achieve, we need to evolve to a higher level.

Freeing yourself from being stuck in daily mundane tasks and routines by challenging and pushing yourself a little day by day and week by week will give you a new found confidence a huge sense of achievement and a burning desire for more.  

While constantly changing your challenge and routine this will in turn challenge your body and muscles to keep up and change with you by building muscle and burning fat

New challenges will build Stamina, improve your physique and increase fitness

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