Marty’s Tips to make your New Year workouts Count!

Marty’s Tips to make your New Year workouts Count!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Everyone has their own idea of how to get fit but the truth is there's really only one effective way to get fit. But what’s the definition of 'fit'?

Too often thin is mistaken for fit, and that's not what you should strive for. 

When someone is thin, but has very little muscle tissue, they aren't truly fit. 

Here’s why thin doesn’t equal fit: 

  • Their body fat percentage will be higher than ideal—even though you won't see a lot of fat on them, if their muscle percentage is low then fat percentage will be higher. 
  • Their resting metabolism will be low, since little muscle is present to burn calories at rest. 
  • Their body won't be functionally strong, which will lead to injuries and frustrations.

So how does one get truly fit? It’s this simple: Resistance Training. 

Resistance training is when resistance is used to challenge your muscles in order to gain strength and endurance. You could do this with traditional weights, exercise bands, medicine balls, cable machines, sandbags, kettle bells or even just using your own body weight. 

Consistent resistance training has the following side effects…

  • Strength and muscle tone
  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Speed, Agility and Flexibility
  • Resistance to injury and disease

Read on if you aren’t convinced…

Top 5 Benefits to Resistance Training

1. To Build Muscle and Gain Strength: Don’t worry ladies - you’re going to ‘bulk up’ or look too masculine. What will happen is that your arms, tummy and legs will become tighter, leaner and more defined. 

2. To Lose Fat: Strength training ensures that you maintain and grow those muscles and only lose fat. 

3. To Build Strong Bones: The older we get, the more important our bone density is. A good strength training program is one of your best defenses when it comes to osteoporosis. 

4. To Alleviate Anxiety, Stress and Depression: Strength training is more wholesome and effective way to help your mental health.

5. To Raise your Metabolism: This helps to reduce body fat and to keep that body fat off, even on the days that you aren’t able to exercise. Pretty awesome, right?

A solid resistance training routine will tone your legs, lift your buns, strengthen your core, and will result in inches and pounds lost - more importantly you’ll feel better overall.  

If you’re ready to begin your body transformation, remember to ask our trainers and make sure you schedule your first 30 mins free induction.