Want to train like a pro? Learn how to cool down right!

Monday, 08 April 2019

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Training like a pro is all about cooling down right. 

During a tough workout, your heart starts beating fast and your body temperature increases dramatically. 

Your blood vessels dilate and your body goes from having about 20% to 80% of your circulating blood directed to your skeletal muscles. All this hard-pumping blood is steered away from your organs and closer to your skin to allow your body to dump heat.

If you stop exercising suddenly you’ll likely find yourself feeling slightly nauseous and somewhat dizzy. This happens because blood pools in your legs and larger muscles. Your body hasn't had time to circulate it back to your brain and organs. 

This is why a cool down period is just as important as your warm up when you exercise.

A proper cool down helps to bring your body back to homeostasis. 

Here's what a cool down should look like:

•   Walk for 5 minutes until your heart rate is under 120 beats per minute.
•   Stretch. Hit the major muscle groups and hold each stretch steady for 10-30 seconds. Breathe long and slow while you stretch.
•   If you have time, lie down on your back, set a timer, and rest for two minutes.