A total body, high-intensity workout which incorporates functional training to help you burn more calories and fat (upto 650 calories), while maximizing endurance and results, all in less than 30 minutes.

Our coaches will guide you through different cardio, weight and floor exercises and can provide alternative options based on experience level and any injuries. Heart rate monitors and screens allow you to track progress and benefit from a revved-up metabolism. With over 24 different, specially-developed workouts, organized by strength (Primal), cardio (Ignite) or a combination (Hustle), you’ll have daily variety while experiencing the energy of the Burn room. The Lights are down, music is up. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Are you ready to feel the Burn?

While experiencing the energy of the Burn room, you’ll have daily variety of specially-developed workouts rotating between:


The strength workout pushing your muscles to its limits


The cardio-based program to burn more fat


Combination program alternating between cardio and strength to help you raise your fitness level

Are you ready to feel the Burn?