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Tsuen Wan


Tsuen Wan

GO24 Fitness
6/F Optimall
118 Chuen Lung Street
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
  • +852 6778 9283
  • +852 6778 9283
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Take a virtual tour - Floor 6!

Up to 6/F and you enter our reception area to be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff. Here you can find out all about our awesome membership deals and then go for a tour of our facility. On this floor you will find top of the line cardio equipment from LifeFitness, Octane and Startrac. With Treadmills, Bikes, Stair climbers, Elliptical Trainers and Rowing Machines your cardio workout is covered. Onto the functional training/HIIT area where you may see clients being put through their paces by one of our highly motivated personal trainers. On this floor you can also see our showcase Group X / Yoga Studio where we have over 200 classes available and scheduled every day between 6:00 and 22:00

Take a virtual tour - Floor 7!

Moving via the staircase from 6/F to 7/F you walk into a wonderland of strength training equipment. Here you will also see top of the line HammerStrength equipment including every piece of Pin Loaded and Plate Loaded strength available. We have three power racks with 8ft lifting platforms, we have 14 cable stations, fixed barbells from 10kg – 50kg both straight and Ezi grip and then a huge selection of dumbells and benches in our free weight are with weight ranging from 1kg – 60kg.

Male Wash/Changeroom is located on 7/F and Female on 6/F


Improve strength, stamina and your overall health and wellbeing in our strength area. We have a full range of professional equipment to ensure no muscle or body part can be neglected.


We boast a 5,000 square foot cardio area with the layout including Treadmills, two types of Elyptical trainer, bikes, rowing machines and everyones favourite… The Stairclimber!


Take your training and fitness to the next level with one of our friendly, highly motivated and highly certified trainers. Build muscle, burn fat, get in shape.


Relax, relieve stress and get your Yoga on with one of our amazing instructors. The benefits of Yoga are endless from increasing flexibility and assisting with posture to lowering blood pressure and decreasing insomnia.


Tighten those glutes and strengthen those abs. Pilates is all about the core muscles in your body, besides the benefits of a toned physique pilates can decrease the chances of injury when combining it with your strength training program.


With HIIT training sessions lasting around 30 minutes they are the perfect way to get maximum work done on a tight schedule. Our fully fitted HIIT area provides all the essentials to complete the task at hand.


With over 200 different group classes to choose from we will be able to satisfy your appetite! With 10 – 15 classes scheduled daily there will be no excuses not to bust that booty, burn those quads or pump those guns.

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